Issues in Ethics


Room 001, Humanities Building, Cardiff University, Thursdays 19:00-21:00


The seminar schedule is open to suggestions for topics of interest to the group, and may also be adapted to reflect current events in progress.

  1. Moral claims Thursday 29th January What kind of claims are moral claims?
  2. Self-harm Thursday 5th February Are there limits to what it is morally permissible to do to ourselves?
  3. Censorship and freedom of speech Thursday 12th February What are the limits to what can be freely expressed, and how do we determine them?
  4. Approaches to the question of abortion Thursday 19th February How can we best disentangle the complicated questions presented by abortion?
  5. War Thursday 26th February Can killing in war be right? Under what circumstances?
  6. Animals Thursday 5th March What is the moral status of animals? How are we obliged to treat them?
  7. Feminism Thursday 12th March Does feminism oblige us to confront new moral questions?
  8. Democracy Thursday 19th March Why do we value democracy? Is it good in itself?
  9. Crime and punishment Thursday 26th March How and why should society punish crime?
  10. Ends and means Thursday 23rd April What should lie at the heart of moral decision-making?